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A challenge not so simple

Rayden is a brand of passionates for passionate riders. Its commitment is to offer you accessories for your bicycles providing real added value. The difference is a richness for everyone, this diversity inspires Rayden products every day.
The DNA of the brand is to reconcile technicality, design and environment. Attached to the nature that surrounds us and in which we evolve, carbon impact is at the heart of the brand.
Producing locally, with local suppliers using the right materials is a first step in the commitment to this approach. Rayden will continue to improve its processes to produce sustainably.



Located in the heart of Savoy, I have the chance to be close to one of the best playgrounds to develop products in all conditions. This privilege I try to transmit it in the expression of my designs.

Sharing my approach to cycling, my creations and my values is at the origin of Rayden’s identity. Ultimately, the idea is to collaborate and exchange with designers, artists, riders to offer products always more successful.

Manta is an ideal support for your creations so do not hesitate to contact me in this sense. We’ll always find a way to have fun !

Build a team

Rayden is the adventure of an emerging brand…
Let’s ride part of the way together for a collaboration, a partnership or an exchange if you want.


Ride for rayden

Ride Rayden products and share its values through your commitment.

David the founder

Team Leader

Leader as unpredictable as an OTB!
Artist in his spare time drawing his lines like a single.


Design for Rayden

Are you a talented artist ? Become a Rayden artist !