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The adventure begins now!

I come from a family where the passion for cycling is passed down from father to son. I wanted to share my vision of this sport, my artistic creations and my values through a brand responsible for its environment.

Here is RAYDEN a brand of accessories for bicycle which by its strong identity I hope, will resonate in our valleys!

Are you ready?
This is MANTA

Unique modularity

Extremely resistant

Ultralight weight


the Manta family

The original modular mudguard

A shape exclusively developed to meet requirements of the most demanding riders. Manta does not play discretion with its spicy designs for your bike.

The unique rear extension for MTB mudguards

This unique protection extends to its maximum the defense of the shock absorber, suspension pins and transmission against dangerous splashes.

The ultimate front extension for long MTB/ATV fenders

Nothing will stop you anymore with Nosefish! You have found the ultimate bulwark for the most difficult competitions, stay focused on your trajectory !


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