Nosefish front extension Manta mudguard


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The ultimate extension for Manta specially developed for riders who want to brave tranquil torrents of water, deep mud and all the aggressions they encounter.

Just one word to focus on the trajectory with Nosefish!

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Nosefish is a long additional nose front for Manta. It is positioned with 4 fixing holes identical to those of the Manta mudguard when mounted on the fork with travel.

Need a mini mudguard?
You can divert the use of our Nosefish extension for your Gravel, install it on your fork crown or as a rear protection. It is a bike accessory that will help you in many situations.

Nothing will hinder your visibility with Nosefish, you ride, it protects you no matter what conditions you encounter.

This is our ultimate weapon for extreme conditions !


  • Easy assembly in addition to Manta with 4 fixing holes
  • Color : Black RAW
  • High quality cutting
  • The ultimate extension: 143mm x 165mm
  • 100% recyclable plastic RAW
  • 100% Designed and produced in France

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Weight 13 g

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