Manta mudguard MTB


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  • Forêt ÉmeraudeForêt Émeraude
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The new 2019-2020 collection of MANTA mudguards is now divided into several large ranges with a strong style.

A palette of freshly modern colours associated with the style camo stamped of the brand’s patriotic rooster.

The design line is being renewed! It is the soul of the RAYDEN brand created to think outside the box.


A line cut with an axe associating the magnificence of the forest with the RAYDEN spirit

The XC, Enduro and DH Manta mudguard is the reference modular protection against mud, gravel and water splashes. Its unique and extremely covering shape has been created to meet requirements from the most demanding riders in all conditions.

The MTB Enduro and DH Manta mudguard protects you advantageously thanks to its 25.6 centimetres and two side wings. It fits on all wheels, front and rear.

Manta is produced in a high quality ecological plastic, made in France from 100% recycled industrial cuttings – ultra light but very resistant.With its spicy and extravagant designs you stand out from the starting line. You’ve never wanted to ride difficult conditions so much!

Features and Benefits

Wings protections : Two wide wings protect your eyes and fork divers from splashingNose ray : First defense of your face against splashesDuals positions : Specially designed to attach to your travel forks or rear triangle frame


  • Easy mounting on fork or rear triangles with 16 mounting holes
  • High quality digital printing and cutting
  • UV and fade resistant film coating for optimum durability
  • Tires : 26″ x 1.8-3.0″ / 27.5″ x 1.8-3″ / 29″ x 1.8-3.0″ / 1.8-3.0
  • Ultra coverage : 188mm x 256mm
  • Ultra light : 29g
  • 100% recyclable plastic
  • 100% Designed and produced in France
  • Supplied with 5 clamps

Additional information

Weight 35 g

Forêt Citrine, Forêt Ambre, Forêt Émeraude, Coq bleu 2019, Coq rose 2019, Coq rouge 2019, Coq orange 2019, Coq vert 2019, Coq or 2019, F#@king trail, Menthe x Chocolat 2019, Mer obscure, Nectar, Coq orange, Coq bleu, Coq grege, Coq jaune, Coq rouge, Coq vert, Langue, Menthe et chocolat, Montagne obscure, Patriote, Sexy ananas, Patriote 2019, Satanic goat, Sexy banana