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They are the RAYDEN family

Because they feel close to our values and brand designs, here are the riders who have chosen to support us and be part of the family.


Mariana Salazar

Mariana Salazar

Downhill Racer | Team Dorval AM

RAYDEN's female asset is Mariana Salazar, she is originally from El Salvador but now lives in France in Savoy, not far from RAYDEN's offices.

As the first ambassador to support the brand and its values, we share the same fighting spirit to climb the highest step.

Mariana is a complete athlete who loves adrenaline and risk control through flawless concentration.
Her commitment and technique have allowed her to shine on several occasions, especially in 2018 when she won the DH French Cup and a first podium finish on the UCI World Cup.
On the other side of the Atlantic, Mariana holds a double title as Pan-American DH champion.

Rayden is honored to welcome you and share with you the passion for cycling.


youn deniaud_on_bike-Ambassador rayden

Youn Deniaud

Enduro racer

There is talent and audacity in our young French enduro rider, Youn Deniaud who makes a smashing entry on the enduro world series circuit after a stint on the French cups.

Rayden shares with its first enduro ambassador (EWS) the desire to have fun above all without worrying about the times!

He is a true outsider who rides with technique and precision, competing with the bests in the discipline. Already in the top 10 in the enduro world, he has not finished improving and amaze us.

He is the undisputed specialist in Maxiavalanches, with three consecutive victories in Vallnord, Cervinia and Ax, he wins the General Maxiavalanche Europe Cup 2018 with flying colours!

Rayden is proud to welcome you into the family.


Nico quéré

Nico Quéré

Enduro / Enduro AE racer | Giant

In all sports, there are emblematic figures and our favourite endurance athlete Nicolas Quéré, with his inimitable style, has been one of these charismatic figures for almost 10 years.

But Nico, it is above all an attitude, an offbeat and provocative approach that we share 1000% with RAYDEN. No wonder the contact is made quickly!

He is also an outstanding rider, incisive, mobile and smooth on his bike that allows him to ride fast,REALLY FAST ! Used to podiums and victories in enduro, he made his way to the big gate in Enduro AE by winning the French Cup VAE 2018!

Expert in "Mass start" races and he proves it again at the Megavalanche de l'Alpe d'Huez 2018 where he finished in 3rd place on his Giant Reign.

The Rayden family is honored to have you in its ranks!



Frederic Martinez

Enduro Racer | Deval Team

Baptiste Deshaies

Enduro racer

Cyrille Board

Downhill racer | Team ESM

Cedric colombe

Enduro racer | GT bikes ambassador