Manta Mudguard limited line


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Born from a rich collaboration to propose authentic designs!

Discover our new creations and our collaborations with talented artists produced in small series.

The Manta “Cri du piaf” and “Croc-Blanc” models are designed by our ambassador Cédric Colombe, tattoo artist for over 13 years and Enduro World Series rider.

In addition to being rarse, the “limited editions” have the same unique characteristics as the other Manta mudguard lines, find them in detail here

No risk therefore !

If you’re looking for modular protection against water, mud and gravel to keep a pretty face, then don’t look any further! Manta will perform like a beast with its 25.6 centimetres and its two lateral fins that give it its unique and extremely covering shape.

Are you a demanding rider? The Enduro, DH, ebike and XC MTB fender,  Manta has been designed for your sessions in all positions!

With its plastic 100% recycled plastic lightweight and practically indestructible no chance for you to hurt Mother Nature or your Enduro, DH, ebike or XC MTB.


Wings protections: The two large fins protect your face, eyes and fork divers from splashing.
Nose ray: First front protection.
Duals positions: Easily attached to your travel forks or rear triangle arms.


  • New : Lamination Self healing
  • Easy mountingEasy mounting on the rear fork or triangles with its 16 fixing holes
  • Digital printing and cutting HD
  • Pelliculing anti uv and anti discoloration guaranteeing an optimal life span
  • Tyres : 26″ x 1.8-3.0″ / 27.5″ x 1.8-3″ / 29″ x 1.8-3.0″
  • Ultra covering : 188mm x 256mm
  • Ultra léger : 29g
  • Plastic 100% recyclable
  • 100% Designed and produced in France
  • Provided with 5 clamps

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Weight 35 g
Manta Limited

Démone, Gorilla, Indigène, Pandemic trail, Rider, Croc-Blanc, Le cri du piaf, MOUT, Patriote "The One" 2, Patriote « The One »

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